The White Cabinet
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From the 1940's to the 1960's Hilda Glasgow was one of the top fashion illustrators in the industry. She was also my mother. As a woman ahead of her time, born in 1913, graduating from Pratt Institute in NYC in 1933, she illustrated the latest mid 20th century fashions for magazines such as Vogue and a variety of high end department stores, including Saks Fifth Avenue and Best & Co. 

Her original pen and ink drawings had been hidden away for over 50 years in a white cabinet in her Manhattan apartment, now in my home. I decided it was time for the world to enjoy them again.  Here they are in all their glory, as limited edition reproductions, notecards, coloring books and more.  You can even have Hilda's ladies gracing your home as wallpaper by Flavor Paper!

Please take a peek and enjoy. If you are a fan of "Funny Face", "Breakfast at Tiffany's", and that little black dress,  then I think you'll find these vintage illustrations  simply divine just like I do! 

                                                                                                             ~Liz Glasgow                        



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Charlotte c. 1956 Fashion Illustration
Charlotte c. 1956 Fashion Illustration
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