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Crinoline Dreams
Posted by Administrator on 9/2/2010 to Memories
We had a large apartment in Manhattan on 81st Street. One room was mom's studio.  I remember the models coming in and mom getting them ready. She had a drawer full of crinoline in case the skirt needed to poof out. The drawings also sometimes exaggerated the shape of the skirt, so extra poofing was usually needed.  I would sit and play, or draw at my table (that will be another entry here).  When they were gone, I'd take out the crinoline and dress up.  And sometimes mom would sketch me. Wish I  had them now.  I thought the models were all good friends of mom's.  They'd all chatter away. I didn't have any idea about clients or work.  I was a very little girl.  I guess I must have figured that when you come to our house during the day, you get on that little stage and pose for mom for no particular reason.  But my memory is lots of talking and laughing and having a good time.  After they left, she'd take me to the park.  We'd usually stop in at the Metropolitan Museum if it was lunchtime.  After I was put to bed, she was up until 2 working again.  What an example she set for me!
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