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About Hilda

Hilda Glasgow was the daughter of immigrants from Russia.  Cilka and Lazar Richman both came from  creative backgrounds. Lazar was a jeweler. Cilka, born in 1883, always had her own business. In Kiev, at age 15, she made corsets.  After coming to this country and settling in Brooklyn, New York,  she opened up dressmaking shops.  She had four daughters and wanted them all to have careers.  Hilda was the only one who took a professional path. They sent her to Pratt and she graduated in 1933, right in the middle of the Great Depression.  She had trouble getting work at first and suggested to Cilka that she get a job as a cashier in Woolworth's.  Her mother would hear nothing of this.  She must not give up. Shortly thereafter, she got freelance work from Vogue.  They paid $10 a figure, a lot of money in those days and so her career had started.  She married my father, Bernard Glasgow, in 1938.  He was a painter who's work was shown throughout the country.  They were married 20 years and she was 45 years old when I was born.  She felt it was time for her to start a new chapter.  She continued to work into the 60's and a bit in the 70's.  In her later years, she loved making jewelry.  She felt it was in the genes.  She lived a long and healthy life, passing away at age 91 in 2004.  

It was great having grown up in such a creative family.  They both encouraged me to have my freelance photography career.  I'd say the only down side to having a working mother was her disinterest in cooking. When she told her mother that she felt guilty for letting her sisters do the Thanksgiving dinners, Cilka said proudly "You don't need to know how to cook. You have a career!" And so I had dinners that included spaghetti and ketchup.  In later years, when my friends would tease her about her choice of cuisine, she would say that she just liked it and still cooked it up.  She was an "accept me as I am" kind of person who saw life as the glass half full.  

If you're wondering about the genesis of the name of this site, it also comes from my childhood.  We had a workroom that housed a metal closet which held all the drawings, papers, art supplies and cameras. Whenever I needed something art related, Mom would tell me it was in the white cabinet.  It's now in my home.  As these drawings have physically lived in that cabinet for 60 years or so, I  found it only fitting for them to reside there virtually online as well.

I hope you enjoy this website.  It was created with love for my mom.